About Bookquicker

Learn more about our company and how we got started!

Since 2015, BookQuicker has been providing clients with personalized Virtual Bookkeeping services. With years of certified training, we have the necessary skills, qualifications and expertise to get the job done, quicker.

Laysa Durski-Pereira

Founder of BookQuicker

Laysa Durski-Pereira, founder of BookQuicker, is an Accountant graduate from FIU in Miami, FL. She also holds a second bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from her hometown in Curitiba, Brazil. Besides having two bachelor degrees, she is also a certified Advanced QuickBooks ProAdvisor by Intuit.


15 Years Experience

Laysa has 15 years of experience within finance, accounting and management for small and medium businesses. She has been working with companies in different sectors, such as hospitality, retail, healthcare, construction and services in general.

BookQuicker can help you organize your books, and therefore your finances, so you have a clear picture of what’s happening with your business, month by month, with a click of a button.

You will have access to up to date reports, whether you choose cleanup or monthly bookkeeping, and will have the help of an expert bookkeeper throughout the whole process.